Time to Shake that cocktail shaker...


PD Pineapple Liqueur

PD Screwdriver


-Pineapple Liqueur

-Orange juice

-Serve over ice

PD Pineapple and Cranberry Fizz

-Pineapple Liqueur

-Cranberry Juice

-Soda or your preferred sparkling mineral


-Serve over ice

PD Hawaiian Sunset Sloshy

-Pineapple Liqueur

-Coconut Liqueur

-Coconut Water

-Frozen mango pieces


-Blend together



PD White Russian

-1 part Mocha Vodka

-2 parts milk or cream

Either enjoy with ice or blend with ice or icecream for a frappé

PD Merry Mocha Mousse

-340gr semi sweet chocolate

-1 ½ cup pure whipping cream (divided


-¼ cup mocha vodka

-Place chocolate in large bowl

-Heat ½ cup of cream in pan over mediumhigh heat until it rises and foams, watch that

it doesn’t overflow (3to5mins)

-Pour cream over chocolate and cover for 1


-Stir cream and chocolate until chocolate has


-Stir in Mocha Vodka

-Whip 1 cup cream until soft peaks form

-Gently fold whipped cream into boozy

chocolate mixture

-Spoon into cocktail glasses and refrigerate

until firm (at least 3hrs)

More recipes coming soon! Stay Tuned!

start your journey!

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